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Jody Stecher

Jody Stecher has been a mainstay in folk music for over three decades as a soloist, collaborator and duo partner with Kate Brislin. His continuing musical explorations have covered bluegrass, traditional old-time and Indian classical music, echoing his deep understanding of these idioms, gleaned from years of dedicated study. A musician of constant aesthetic integrity, Jody is regarded as one of Americaís leading traditional folk artists.

His recordings have served as a primer for a large and diverse group of musicians, including Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Peter Rowan, Martin Simpson, Seldom Scene, Laurie Lewis, Kathy Kallick, and the group, Hot Rize.

Guitarist David Bromberg said, "Jody Stecher was basically my teacher. He opened my ears to more beautiful music than anyone else ever did... more than I ever knew existed. He is also one of my favorite musicians on Earth to play with. I have never known anyone so intensely and completely enveloped in music. It's my suspicion that if you drained all the music out of Jody, you could carry what was left around in an eye dropper."

Stecher’s guitar stylings have been noted as blues tinged, banjo influenced and highly inventive. They are fluid, evolving and subject to flights of fancy and improvisation in actual performance.