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Pete Huttlinger

The late Pete Huttlinger was widely known as one of the most awe-inspiring acoustic guitar players in the world. His unique arrangements and spell-binding musicality and precision entertained audiences from Los Angeles to Milan.

As a recording artist Huttlinger released numerous albums and received wide-acceptance ranging from his critically acclaimed Naked Pop continuing to his instrumental tour de force, McGuire's Landing.
In 2007, Huttlinger made his debut at New York City's Carnegie Hall. He was invited back in 2008 and made his first appearance there as a solo artist demonstrating what audiences around the world knew him best for - his fantastic sense of humor and mind-blowing chops. He performed there again in 2010. In 2004, 2007 and 2010, he was invited to participate in Eric Clapton's Crossroads Festivals.
In addition to his concert touring schedule, Pete spent a good deal of his time on stage speaking to audiences. He had taken what he learned from surviving both a major stroke and end-stage heart failure and turned it into "Don't Just Live, Live Well," a presentation on how he has overcome what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles.
Pete also made many appearances as a side-man. Country/pop superstar LeAnn Rimes has often requested him for her acoustic performances, including the filming of "Live From Abbey Road," a BBC TV series taped at the famous London studios. It aired in America on BRAVO! He also appeared with Rimes on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" and made an acoustic recording with her. He toured with John Denver for the last four years of John's life and often toured with pop icon John Oates of Hall & Oates. Sadly, Pete passed away on January 15, 2016.