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Joshua Ray Gooch

At a young age, Joshua Ray Gooch quickly became a rising star in the guitar world. After being chosen out of 4,000 guitar pl...

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Josh Workman

Josh Workman is an internationally traveled guitarist, composer, educator, journalist, and audio editor who teaches at Music...

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Jostein Gulbrandsen

Born and raised in Norway, guitarist Jostein Gulbrandsen has lived in New York City since 2001, where he earned his Masters ...

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Keith Wyatt

Keith Wyatt has been performing and teaching guitar professionally for over four decades. After arriving in Los Angeles in 1...

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Marlene Hutchinson

Marlene Hutchinson, guitar instructor, musician, published author, producer and founder of Marlene’s Music, developed a simp...

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Nick Nolan

Nick Nolan is a musician and has studied and taught at the Guitar Institute of Technology.

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Orville Johnson

Orville Johnson was born and raised in the southern Illinois heartland. He acquired his love of singing as a youth in the fu...

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Patrick Francis

Patrick Francis, a versatile performer and teacher, began playing the guitar at age 12 and later earned his B.M. in Music, s...

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Paul Mehling

Paul “Pazzo” Mehling is the founder and lead guitarist of the Hot Club of San Francisco, a group dedicated to performing and...

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Pete Huttlinger

The late Pete Huttlinger was widely known as one of the most awe-inspiring acoustic guitar players in the world. His unique ...

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Pete Madsen

Pete Madsen is an acoustic blues, ragtime, and slide guitarist from the San Francisco Bay Area who blends Kottke-esque virtu...

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Scott Nygaard

Scott Nygaard is one of the most inventive and original guitarists in the bluegrass/acoustic music scene. Initially influenc...