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Acoustic Rock Basics

Play in the styles of acoustic rock icons like the Beatles, Paul Simon, James Taylor, and more in this twelve-lesson course on acoustic rock techniques.

Acoustic Rock Basics starts with a group of lessons on chords. In these lessons, you’ll study the types of chords bands like the Eagles, Eric Clapton, and Tom Petty used in their classic hits, and you’ll see how acts like the Beatles and Neil Young crafted riff-based songs around chords.

The song accompaniment section explores alternate tunings, percussive techniques like scratch rhythm, picking patterns like alternate bass fingerpicking, and more advanced fingerpicking techniques that highlight free-flowing melodies and allow for accompaniment without pattern picking.

The section on lead playing investigates how classic rock acts used pentatonic scales, major and minor scales, and arpeggios to craft leads and anthemic instrumental melodies and hooks.

You’ll put all that technique to work by learning to play 12 original rock songs, with complete tab and notation.

Publisher: Acoustic Guitar Magazine
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Andrew DuBrock

Andrew DuBrock has created books, articles, and videos for most of the top music book and magazine publishers, like Hal Leonard, Alfred, Acoustic Guitar magazine, Guitar Edge magazine, Guitar One magazine, and others. 

While DuBrock predominately writes guitar instructional materials, he was initially trained as a classical pianist, played french horn in symphonies, and sang as a baritone in choral groups. He received a BA in music at Brown University. He writes and records music as a singer-songwriter, and his self-produced band CD can be found at under the group name "DuBrock."

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