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Acoustic Rock Essentials

Acoustic Rock Essentials will have you writing your own songs using diatonic chords in no time! 

Learn how related chords fit together to form chord progressions, create your own songs and transpose them into different keys, expand your major- and minor-pentatonic solos, and much more.

In addition to video, this series includes PDF downloads with supplementary material - music notation, TAB, and additional instruction. This is yours to keep! We recommend opening in a new window for side-by-side viewing with the video or printing out a hard copy.

Publisher: Acoustic Guitar Magazine
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Andrew DuBrock

Andrew DuBrock has created books, articles, and videos for most of the top music book and magazine publishers, like Hal Leonard, Alfred, Acoustic Guitar magazine, Guitar Edge magazine, Guitar One magazine, and others. 

While DuBrock predominately writes guitar instructional materials, he was initially trained as a classical pianist, played french horn in symphonies, and sang as a baritone in choral groups. He received a BA in music at Brown University. He writes and records music as a singer-songwriter, and his self-produced band CD can be found at under the group name "DuBrock."

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