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Gospel Songs for Fingerstyle Guitar

In Gospel Songs for Fingerstyle Guitar, virtuoso fingerstyle guitarist and clawhammer banjoist Steve Baughman shares a rich collection of 17 hymns and gospel songs, in a variety of tunings, arranged for solo guitar. Regardless of religious affiliation, Baughman’s refreshing approach to these timeless songs will provide an enjoyable challenge to intermediate-to-advanced guitarists seeking to expand their fingerstyle repertoire. Each selection includes tuning info, background information, technical tips, and humorous asides, as well as access to in-depth instructional videos performed by the author.

Publisher: Acoustic Guitar
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Steve Baughman

Steve Baughman has been performing guitar and banjo around the world for nearly four decades. An innovative instrumentalist known for exploring alternate tunings, Baughman has developed a claw¬hammer guitar technique and helped make it common practice for fingerstyle guitarists. He has taught at over 70 music camps across the United States and Canada and has toured for 10 years as a duo with the Celtic guitarist Robin Bullock.

Baughman has written a handful of instructional books and appears on multiple CDs, three of which—Farewell to Orkney, Celtic Guitar Summit (with Bullock), and Clawhammer Guitar: The Collection (various artists)—have been featured in Acoustic Guitar magazine.

Baughman makes his home in the San Francisco Bay Area where, when he is not performing or teaching, he is a part-time philosophy graduate student and attorney.

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