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Irish Songs for Guitar

Author, performer, and Acoustic Guitar magazine contributing editor Danny Carnahan has collected 15 of his favorite popular Irish songs and arranged them here for acoustic guitar. Many moods and subjects are covered. There are innocent (and very old) love songs like "Rosemary Fair" and more lustful romps like "Newry Town." There is the revolutionary fervor of "The Rising of the Moon" in contrast to the story of the poor kid who deserts after one day in the army in "The Rambler from Clare." There is the regional pride of "Star of the County Down" and the terrible longing for home in "Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore." And then there's highway robbery, questionable job choices, unabashed love for one's fellow man, and more.

In addition to video, this series includes PDF downloads with supplementary material - music notation, TAB, and additional instruction. This is yours to keep! We recommend opening in a new window for side-by-side viewing with the video or printing out a hard copy.

Publisher: Acoustic Guitar Magazine
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Danny Carnahan

Danny Carnahan has performed and taught for over 35 years, specializing in Celtic and Celtic-tinged Americana styles on guitar, octave mandolin, and fiddle.  His original songs have graced over a dozen of his own albums and have been covered by other artists as far as Australia and Scotland.  He currently tours and records with the Bay Area septet Wake the Dead, reimagining the songs of the Summer of Love with a Celtic tang.  Danny's Irish Songs for Guitar first appeared on Stringletter/Hal Leonard in 2004.  Danny has also published a series of three musical murder mysteries, "A Jig Before Dying", "Fortune Turns the Wheel", and "With His Dying Breath, and in none of them does a guitarist die.  Danny‚Äôs latest solo CD of all-original material, Sky In Your Pocket, was released the  summer of 2011, and the latest Wake the Dead CD is Deal, which was released in 2016.  Danny continues to write and teach at several California music camps.  You can find out all about Danny's recordings and writing at and

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